Nurture Massage Settings - What they mean and how to use them!

Pressure, Speed, Hold Time

The Nurture Breast Massager is highly customizable! But what do all of these settings mean? And how do I know what to start on?  Below, we explain what each setting controls, and how we suggest using it when getting started.  As you become acquainted with Nurture, you will find what is most comfortable and what works best for you!


Pressure: This will adjust the strength of the massage.  The higher the pressure, the stronger compression you will feel. Start at a 2 and gradually increase until you are satisfied with the pressure. If you are not feeling the squeeze/pressure at a 5, then your massage cups are too big! Please visit Massage Cup Exchanges to learn how to request a size exchange. 

Hold: This will adjust how long the massage remains in a compression or holds a squeeze for at the end of the massage cycle. We recommend keeping this between a 2-3, and then adjusting based on your preference. Some like it to release immediately (lower the hold time) and some like it to hold a compression longer to feel the squeeze longer (increase the hold time).

Speed: After the compression releases, the speed setting will determine how long it takes for it to cycle through and compress again. If you want more frequent compressions during each pump session, increase the speed. If you want less frequent, decrease the speed.