Quick tips to help you get started!


  • First things first! Try on your bra right away to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. If you need to exchange your bra size, this may mean we suggest a different massage cup size as well.  Massage cup fit is very important to benefit the most from your massage.  Should you need to exchange your size please contact support@imalac.com for assistance!
  • There is a security clip that will help hold the cords neatly together behind your back.When unpacking, make sure the cords are clipped together before use.
  • Nurture has powerful motors inside that provide the pressure of the massage. If you would like to minimize the noise, we suggest lowering the speed setting and placing the control box on a soft surface like a mousepad or cushion. 
  • The results from incorporating Nurture into your routine will vary per user, and typically takes a few days of consistent use to see the impact.