Not feeling the massage


  • Try adjusting the straps of your Nurture bra to ensure a snug fit.  
  • Make sure both massage cup clips are hooked to your Nurture bra.
  • Adjust your breast so that it rests inside the massage cup and mold the upper wire to ensure the cup is resting as close to the chest wall as possible.
  • Make sure the pumping layer is clipped over the massage cup to the upper clip of your Nurture bra.
  • Make sure the pressure setting is not set to 0.
  • If these tips do not improve the feeling of your massage, and you can tell that the massage cup is compressing, the massage cup might be too large.  Please submit a request for  smaller size massage cups.  
  • If it seems the massage cup is not compressing, refer to article: Massage Cup(s) not compressing for further direction.