How do I select a size if my breasts are two different sizes?

Uneven breasts are extremely common, often inherited, and can also be due to weight loss or gain. During pregnancy, hormonal changes and the body’s preparation for breastfeeding may result in unevenness that wasn’t present before.  During breastfeeding, breasts can vary in size, especially if baby prefers nursing on one side.

Whatever your circumstance, we can help ensure you get the best results from Nurture with a proper fit.  When placing your order, select the bra size that fits you comfortably and then submit a request form with the following information:

    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Bra size ordered
    4. Which breast is smaller and by approximately how much (for example: Bra size ordered: 36DDD.  Left breast is about a cup smaller than the right breast)

    We will assess your size and customize the massage cups accordingly when fulfilling your order, as the fit of the massage cup is most important when benefitting from the massage.