Is the Nurture Breast Massage System compatible with Elvie, Willow and Freemie?

Elvie, Willow and Freemie are not compatible with the Nurture massage system because the massage cups need to rest fully against your breasts.  

If you have an additional breast pump with standard flanges, then the Nurture Breast Massage is a great investment! Elvie and Willow can still be used for convenience, and when needed, the Nurture Massage can be incorporated into your routine as little as 1-2 times/day with your standard flange breast pump. 

The benefits you will receive with the Nurture Massage, that the Elvie/Willow pumps do not provide, include:

  • Increasing milk supply
  • Increasing quantity of milk expressed
  • Increasing nutritional content of milk
  • Reducing time spent pumping 
  • Reducing occurrence of clogged ducts, engorgement and mastitis

The Nurture bra, an all-day wear nursing and pumping bra, comes with the system and can accommodate Elvie or Willow, without the massage cups incorporated. This way, you can easily mix up your pumping routine without getting fully undressed. 

Alternatively, The Nurture bra is available for purchase separately if the Nurture Massage System is not an option. You will feel beautiful and comfortable in this luxurious upgrade to the average nursing bra!