Is Nurture right for me?

“This system is amazing - it does exactly what it claims.  The massage is gentle but mimics hand massage perfectly. The bra feels like a luxury brand bra; I have never had such a cozy soft nursing bra. And it is flattering. Regarding the increased milk production: This device works. You WILL see results. This isn’t some magic one time deal though - Nurture truly helps you get more (and fattier!) milk WHEN used correctly and consistently.” 

The Nurture Breast Massager is the first of its kind, designed to provide massage that mimics hand expression. As we learn through research and feedback from customers like you, we are planning improvements on our next generation product. While we hope to make Nurture smaller, wireless and quieter, for now, we can make one promise - Nurture IS effective and with a little patience, will help you reach your breastfeeding goals!

Our most successful users are those that purchase with an understanding that the goal of Nurture is results driven and the intention is not to necessarily add convenience like a new discreet breast pump is marketed to do, for example. (please note - Nurture is NOT a breast pump) 

If you are…

  • struggling to build, maintain, or manage your milk supply
  • unsuccessful with hand massage or just find it really inconvenient
  • frustrated with the efficiency of your breast pump
  • determined to find a solution

And you are...

  • Able to commit time to becoming acquainted with operating a brand new innovative product.
  • Willing to use the Nurture consistently to see results.
  • Comfortable with the idea of being connected to two pieces of equipment. (your pump + the Nurture Control Box)

...then excellent, Nurture can help!

We are offering this information to be completely transparent and help you decide if Nurture is right for you. We hope this helps you determine if Nurture is your solution and if so, we can’t wait to hear how the massage makes an impact for you. Remember, if you are ready to put in a  little time and effort, you will reap the benefits! Happy Pumping!